The Irwin Brown Company was founded in New Orleans in 1968. Through the years, many members of Irwin Brown’s family have worked for the company including his wife Sandra, his brother-in-law Shelly, his son Howard and his niece Cole.

In addition to the family, John Hyatt has been with the firm since 1975 and has been a very active presence in local and national trade discussions.  Currently, Shelly Bernstein, John Hyatt and Cole Trosclair are the licensed Customs Brokers in the firm and oversee all entry processes.

The company expanded from its New Orleans headquarters to an office at the New Orleans Airport which was open until 2009.  In 1988 an office in Gulfport, Mississippi was opened to work with direct shipments from Central America.  An office in Panama City, Florida was open from 2011 through 2016 when US Customs changed filing regulations. The location of the offices allows the firm to be hands-on in the entire Gulf South region as well as handle cargo moving throughout the USA.