Freight Forwarding– Our export division provides a two parts service for clients, shipping and documentation.  The first step is often sending out for multiple transportation quotes in order to get not only the best price but the right shipping routes. Then inland transportation is considered if needed.

Once the transportation is booked, export documentation is filed with the Census Bureau.  In order to file the export declaration, our export experts classify the cargo with the right Schedule B number and create the basic Bill of Lading for the shipping company. IBC advises on cargo that may require an export license and helps clients identify which government agency oversees those restricted products.

International Partnerships– When exporting cargo to clients it is often critical to know if there are additional documents or the foreign customs rates for the cargo.  Irwin brown works directly with our United Shipping partners in 135 offices around the world to help our clients prepare their shipments and work with foreign customs agencies and transportation providers.

Letter of Credit Consulting– One of the most nerve-wracking elements to international sales is payment. Many firms rely on Letters of Credit and IBC will work with your bankers to confirm that the terms laid out in a letter of credit are achievable from a transportation perspective, thereby protecting exporters from liability.

Terms of Sale Consulting- IBC works with exporters to find the right terms of sale (INCOTERMS) for their cargo so they have a clear understanding of the scope of their responsibility and liability.