Customs House Brokerage– The main element of Customs Brokerage is classification and filing of import documents with US Customs and Border Protection. Creating the import documentation, payment of duties & fees and keeping our clients in compliance with recordkeeping and payment requirements are the foundation of our business.

The multi-step process of importing often daunts new importers, so IBC reps work to educate and go through the process alongside them keeping them informed with each new move. Our New Importers section is a great place to start the process.

Binding Rulings– Sometimes the right classification of an item is not immediately apparent.  In order to get clarification and a finalized ruling, IBC will preparing and submit documentation to Customs and Border Protection. Once the ruling is issued, it can be referenced on all future shipments.  Many times previous rulings can be used as back up for a classification decision in cases where a classification is questioned.

Compliance Assistance– IBC works with firms to make sure they are in compliance with CBP regulations.  We perform tasks like auditing product classifications and getting comparison quotes for shipping.

Remote Location Filing (RLF)- Not only does IBC work with ports in our districts along the Gulf Coast, but we file import documents at ports around the country. RLF is allowed for many but not all types of entries.

Importer Security Filing (ISF)- ISF is a recent requirement where supply-chain information must be submitted for ocean shipments at least 24 hours before cargo sails from the foreign port. We work with suppliers to get the information and file as soon as possible.  We also offer ISF services for individuals filing informal entries.

Other Government Agencies- Many shipments are regulated by an additional government agency and require submitting documentation and ensuring compliance with their regulations.  These other government agencies involved with imports include FDA, EPA, DOT, USDA, DEA, FCC and Fish & Wildlife.